Who We Are

Our cultural heritage is a priceless treasure to be preserved"

United Cultures MMC stems from the desire to promote and preserve the immense cultural heritage, enclosed in traditions, in art, in music, in landscapes, in people's eyes. The world and its diversity are the wealth of every human being. The encounter of cultures generates new energies, elevates the thought at a higher level, feeds our need for knowledge.

Our mission is to contribute in promoting culture in all its forms, bringing people together, breaking down every barrier!

United Cultures MMC is an organization created with the aim of merging competence, passion, sensitivity and experience of a team that has been working for years at the service of culture, education and international cooperation. United Cultures MMC works alongside international organizations, diplomatic missions, public and private institutions, in order to create cultural and educational high value projects, supporting what is being described as Cultural Diplomacy.

United Cultures MMC operates in the four areas that make tangible the concept of culture in its broader meaning: Travels, Events, Education, Communication.

For each of these areas we have created a specific department, with a dedicated qualified staff that work in line with the basic United Cultures MMC's philosophy, i.e. developing only high-value projects.

CHAPTER 7: Ca' Foscari Qısametrajlı Film Festivalı Bakıda