Travellers Club


The Travellers Club Baku is a network of "travellers" who want to share experiences, memories, pictures, flavours of travels to neighbour and distant countries... Each "traveller" who joins the network can become promoter of a destination, telling experiences, presenting ideas and materials collected during his/her travels. The network has a virtual platform on Facebook, where anyone can join and on which each "traveller" can write his/her own travel notes. The Travelers Club is located in the headquarter  of United Cultures Baku.



The main aim of the Travellers Club in Baku is to promote Culture in its broadest sensesharing the cultural baggage that we carry with us when we return from a trip, this becoming messengers of peace and tolerance.



Some explanations to new friends of the Travelers club: the events are free of charge and the language of presentation is English. Some are asking whether there is interpretation: sorry but if you are interested in travel you need to speak languages! Do not ask change of date because your friend is getting married on that day or your sister has her birthday. The dates are picked on availability of the venue and the speaker. The speaker invests a lot of time to share his impressions on a voluntary basis. The least he is expecting is an interested public which does not stick to a cell phone and talks to relatives during the event. This would be a lack of respect. Many cities around the world would envy the possibility to have such presentations free of charge. So, enjoy the ride!