Sizin Avropa is a cultural, entertaining, interesting, informative as well as educational website funded by Delegation of European Union to Azerbaijan and realized by United Cultures Baku to build the cultural and educational bridges between EU and Azerbaijan.

The website brings European values, comprehension, approaches and influencing Azerbaijani people, especially youth with the benefits of these concepts.

In order to make available EU to Azerbaijan and facilitation of the participation of Azerbaijani society to EU related events, all events organized by EU and EU countries in Azerbaijan is published in website and the list of upcoming events is presented to our audience.

Furthermore, give opportunity to youth to take advantage of the information about quality education, scholarships and fellowships in EU countries and feedbacks of the Azerbaijani youths that have already graduated Universities from EU countries. Also, the website plays a role of guide for who wants or plans to travel European countries by providing comprehensive information of how to travel cheap, where to eat, what to see and how to move frugally.

Moreover, we can describe like dense book covering information about writers, music bands, films and their directors, paintings and painters that influenced to the positive changes in the History of Europe.

Our activities:

Sizin Avropa activities include the design of logos and graphic interface, production of copywriting and articles in Azerbaijani and English (daily updates), translations of texts to be published (ENG/AZE/ENG) and general research of useful content.

It deals also with the production and post-production of video interviews (including subtitling, if required), and the design and printing of communication materials (flyers, bookmarks, posters, roll-ups, etc).

In addition it manages the organization of events and conferences aimed at promoting the website to schools, universities and NGOs, as well as the direct promotion of the website through social media, tv, radio and press and during the international events organized by the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan.


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