Italy is admiring green Tuscan hills, getting lost in the Venetian calli, diving into the crystal-clear waters of Amalfi sea.

Italy is the smell of homemade pasta, of the Sunday lunch cake, of the just poured coffee.

Italy is the taste of fresh ingredients, of the stringy mozzarella on the pizza, of a glass of Prosecco.

Italy is the genius of Galileo Galilei, the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci, the brush strokes of Michelangelo. Italy is creativity, innovation and research.

Italy is the rustle of the precious fabrics under your fingers, of the Italian leather quality.

Italy is the melody of the opera at the Arena di Verona, the sound of different dialects, the musicality of the Italian language.

Italy is beauty, culture… Italy is.

WHY ITALIA.AZ? is much more than an online platform, it is a window on “the Boot”, on the art, on the food, on the culture, on the “Italian way of living”: here you can find articles, news, weekly rubrics which describe il Bel Paese, and promote the quality and the excellence of the Made in Italy. is the best of Italy in Azerbaijan.


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