"Green as the nature, which gives us the most beautiful emotions"

Organizing an event is to give form to emotions. 

An event is like a picture, must leave room for imagination, must excite, must surprise, must be talked about.

Before drawing an event we take time to observe and to listen. That's how we discover those details making the difference. Each event has to be unique, unrepeatable. We want our audience to fall in love, just as we do, with our artists and stages, with the music spreading around slowly, with the tension rising while the picture comes to life!
Our event department undertakes the following activities:

Study and research on customs, traditions, ancient and contemporary history, art, music and every aspect defining a country's culture
Research of cultural connections between countries; 

Drafting a complete cultural project (initial concept, goal setting, technical and artistic achievement, media strategy, drafting of the budget, etc.); 

Artistic design (creation of the content, searching of location, identification of the international artists to involve, art direction, etc.); 

Technical organization (logistics, invitation management, location set up, catering organization, welcome service, etc.).