Ca' Foscari


Originally established as Italy’s first business school in 1868, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is now a multidisciplinary institution offering a wide range of study programs in economics and management, modern languages, the humanities and the sciences.

Ca’ Foscari is ranked third in Italy for the excellence of its research, and it has earned so many of the covered European Commission Marie Curie research fellowships that it is one of Europe’s ten most successful universities in this regard.

Ca’ Foscari has approximately 21,000 students and hosts over 1,300 international students each year. In the firm belief that higher education and cutting-edge research must be innovative and international, the university has forged an extensive academic network of partner universities spanning the globe, allowing it to offer a variety of joint and double bachelor’s and master’s degrees and over 700 active exchange agreements with institutions all over the world. Ca’ Foscari also prepares its students for the competitive global workplace and fosters an international, inclusive academic community by offering study programs taught in English at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.



After Suzhou, Baku. During the 150th Anniversary of its foundation, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice open a brand-new representative desk abroad, in Azerbaijan, the second official office of the Venetian University in the world.

At The Landmark in Baku, the Rector Michele Bugliesi and the Vice Rector Tiziana Lippiello inaugurated the desk, in the presence of the Italian Vice Ambassador in Baku Umberto Boeri, product of the partnership between Ca’ Foscari and United Cultures, a well known cultural organization that works along with the Italian Embassy.

The Rector Michele Bugliesi: «The opening of the new venue of Ca’ Foscari in Baku is part of a wider initiative that we launched in order to strengthen the presence and the commitment of our University abroad. Just like all the others university and modern research institutes, Ca’ Foscari has started, for a while already, an internationalization process that aspire to attract the best talents and to build an open and inclusive research environment, two essential conditions to fully realize our academic mission in the research and in the education, and maximize our social strike capability. The desks in Ca’ Foscari world are one of the most ambitious projects in our strategy, that we will keep up carrying out with great conviction in the following years».

The first venue – Ca’ Foscari desk in Suzhou, China – has been inaugurated in February 2017 at the Suzhou University.

Baku desk, just like the one in Suzhou, has the purpose to ease a wide range of activities that go from the scientific research in collaboration between the academics of both Countries to the educational activities and exchanging opportunities between students to the collaboration in the cultural field with the organization of expositions and events.



In 2018 United Cultures has started to collaborate with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and collaboratively established an office in Baku. The office is managed and operated in collaboration by UC and Ca’ Foscari via Ca’ Foscari’ s International Engagement Office to carry out appropriate communication activities aimed at promoting a richer awareness of Ca’ Foscari among higher education and cultural institutions and the broader Azerbaijani public.

Moreover, the company has also established a partnership with Challenge School, which provides postgraduate and executive education and Master ELEO, a 1st level university Master on Economics and languages of Eastern Europe whose aim is to create professionals capable of developing commercial and cultural relationships between Italian businesses, Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. For the first time United Cultures has agreed to host in Azerbaijan four students from this educational course who will participate in the development and realization of a specific project involving organization of events, relationships with public and private institutions and marketing expertise. During this two-month internship the students will define both an action and a communication plan for these projects by focusing on the cultural, economic and institutional reality of Azerbaijan coherently with the main objectives of the company.




My name is Elena and I am here in Azerbaijan for a two-month internship at United Cultures. I am currently supporting the realization of a Ca’ Foscari desk here in Baku and also taking care of a project with the European Union which aims to involve Ca’ Foscari in a week of events and celebrations related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This unique experience is also allowing me to become a real pioneer who can witness and report information and personal impressions on this country and its culture. I’m really enjoying working with United Cultures team because there is a comfortable and family-like work environment, I’ve met a lot of nice people who are teaching me a lot and will always have a special place in my heart!!



 Hello! My name is Tiziana and I am currently doing my internship at United Cultures. More specifically I am working and giving  my support to the realization of the Ca’ Foscari desk here in Baku. I was really involved in this project between United Cultures  and Ca’ Foscari University and I am happy that I can see the contribution I gave in this initiative. This internship allows me to    both work and live abroad in the amazing city of Baku. I will never forget all the friendly people I have met here,the marvellous architecture of Baku, the colourful and characteristic streets of the city… Thank you United Cultures and   Azerbaijan!



It’s difficult to express in few lines what are my impressions about my stay in Baku during these two months of internship. From the very first day we have been surrounded by wonderful people who every day accompany us in this unique working and life experience. When I arrived, I didn’t expect to find such a beautiful city, welcoming people and fascinating culture. At work, my main task is to develop and enhance the visibility of The Landmark Hotel and Business Center. In order to do that, I was assigned the editing of a monthly Newspaper,  “Landmark news”.  So far this stay is proving to be both positive and exciting, but I still have another month and I want to make the most of this great opportunity. 



 I’m Francesco and I’m currently doing my internship at United Cultures. Living here in Azerbaijan has been a thrilling and   wonderful adventure so far as Baku is really the city of contrasts: the mixture of modern and ancient buildings makes it   unique. At the workplace the whole team is young and very easy to get along with, and so are the locals. One of the things I   enjoy most is the fact I can pratice my Russian – as almost all Azeris speak it - while still discovering a completely new   culture. I can only recommend Baku to all Ca’ Foscari students who might be considering a working abroad experience.