124 Studios

1,2,4... GO!

124 Studios is a Baku based creative and music agency with a strong Italian creativity, Azerbaijani identity and International vision124 studios team started its journey as our communication department, a reality that has a long experience in the creation of concepts and organization of cultural events, working alongside international organizations, public institutions and private companies. As projects requests kept coming, we thought essential to set up an agency that could fully dedicate itself to marketing and communication. So we did!


The short answer is because they are reliableThe longer one is because we are simple but NOT boring, humble but NOT self-doubting, bold but NOT cheeky, different but NOT indifferent! 

Communication is a matter of emotions and feelings and we know how to generate them. Inspired by beauty, we are able to build unique experiences to be shared with the people. The line between a successful and an unsuccessful communication project can be very thin though. We work to make that line go in the right direction. 

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