Show your solidarity and discover 20 GOOD “REGIONS” to love ITALY

Show your solidarity and discover 20 GOOD “REGIONS” to love ITALY

Let’s imagine to drive for miles and miles watching always the same landscape outside the window, the same colors, the same houses, the same faces! Think of the dejection and boredom that we could feel stepping out of the car and felling only one smell coming from the land, stopping by a restaurant from time to time and finding always the same dish, meeting people who speak the same languages, with the same accent.

Who would like to travel to such a place? I guess nobody, really!

What could be more beautiful than diversity?

And it is precisely its incredible diversity that makes Italy a unique country in the world: its ability to give us always different emotions, extraordinarily assorted landscapes, flavors, smells, dialects, architectures, traditions… countless cities of art, medieval borghi, fortresses, small villages waiting to be discovered, region by region, from south to north, in a succession of countless beauty that never seems to end!


We want to dedicate this column to the 20 regions of Italy, to their diversity, to their beauty, to their “excellences”. Starting from now, every week we will present you the best of the Italian regional traditions: the best of local products, starred restaurants, exclusive hotels, but also ancient habits, native languages, unexplored places and all the useful advices to organize your next journey discovering Italy…. from A to Z! 


Our thought goes to all the artisans, hoteliers, touristic guides, restaurateurs, artists and to all the Italian experts who are going through this difficult moment today.


Our solidarity goes to them, our esteem, our deepest respect ... because they are the pride of Italy, those who have made "Made in Italy" one of the best known brands worldwide; they are the ones who have given wellness and wealth to our country, who have made us know the quality and beauty; they are the ones who with passion, brilliance and spirit of sacrifice have preserved that immense material and immaterial heritage that all peoples, over the centuries, have been able to enjoy unlimitedly!

Thank you all !!! will continue to promote you, tirelessly!

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