Paolo Levantino in Concert

Paolo Levantino in Concert


Memories of Pavarotti

On September 28, the Landmark Rotunda -1 hosted the grandiose music show "Memories of Pavarotti" by the Italian tenor and Opera singer Paolo Levantino.

The concert program consisted of the music familiar to the whole world, from the most famous operas by Luciano Pavarotti. Paolo Levantino presented the audience with the best achievements of the opera genre and instantly captivated the audience.

This unforgettable musical evening recreated an amazing atmosphere and immersed the audience in the ingenious work of the legendary Luciano Pavarotti, who had a global impact on world culture and raised the art of opera singing to the highest pedestal.

The voice of Levantino won the hearts of the Baku public, and the audience did not want to part with a talented opera singer - the audience applauded the Italian tenor while standing. The event became a vivid memory of Italy and Italian music.

Paolo Levantino is a famous contemporary Italian opera singer, awarded the Medal of Honor, Glory and Labor of IV degree, at the beginning of his career had a great opportunity to study and be close to the great maestro of all times Luciano Pavarotti.